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Base Primer

Base gels now contain primer based properties, so less primer is often required. There are two types of primer that you could use in the nail industry: acid free and acid based. An acid free primer act same as a double sided sticky tape. Actually, it cause a temporary change in the pH of the natural nail to make it closer in pH to that of the product. Today, adhesion-promoting products, from base coats to acrylic primers, are designed to optimize compatibility and create bonds between the natural nail and the nail enhancement; also known as this product change the surface of the nail to promote chemical bonds between nail keratin and gel enhancement. It has a thicker viscosity than acrylic primers and use UV light-activated ingredients to promote adhesion.


Rubber Base

It is recognized to use as a base gal for all kind of gel or acrylic application; furthermore, it is designed to give extra strength to thin, splitting and brittle nails. Rubber base protects the decorative gel polish coating from all external factors, it is prepared for available applications without unusual spreading. PNS's Rubber Base includes nine different types which are colorful and attractive.


Top Shine

It depends on the clients, they want polish protection and style perfection, a Top Shine and Top Coat has both features, it protects a manicure from the elements while providing the perfect finishing touch. Gel polish needs a Top Coat or Top Shine to add that final layer of shine and strength, it helps bring out the vibrancy of the colors or nail art. It is advised the client stick to the same brad system for each layer, base layer, color and Top Shine or Top Coat, these are designed to work together. PNS offers four types of Top Coat which are Top Shine, Top Super Shine, Top Matte and blooming, it is incredible variety and quality.



PNSpa: LED seven colors, PDT therapy machine It is determined as a significant product to solve skin problems. Various specific wavelengths can solve skin problems such as skin regeneration and sedation. Excellent high intensity special near infrared SMD LED elements are used to achieve results and improve risk of thermal damage. It includes seven colors which are RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, PURPLE, and CYAN.


Our History

In “Professional Nail & Spa” We’ve developed professional products and services since 2012. We expand the promise and possibility of beauty for hands and feet! We aim to provide the salon and spa professional with everything they need for the highest-quality nail services.

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